My First Blog Post

Welcome to my jumpstart blog

What I’ve learned is how to manage my time wisely, how to prioritize things in my life, how to be more independent, etc. Miami Dade college provided a lot of learning benefits for me and over these past few weeks I have learned a lot during both my classes and the Jumpstart meetings on Tuesdays. I’ve made a some new friends and also I got to know people that I knew during high school better. Other benefits that I have received during my time here is of course the free classes and the free food.

Week 4

The fourth week didn’t go that well because on Tuesday I wasn’t feeling so well and I was really tired. During SLS class we took a quiz. The meeting was good, really beneficial information was said. Then in my GEB class the professor went over a powerpoint. On Thursday there was a presentation in my GEB class, I have to present mine on the 25th. After class I went to the R building to do a couple things and then I went to MOD pizza with my friend Maria. We had a great time getting to know each other better and eating delicious pizza.

Week 3

This week we had the usual SLS class at 8 am. The teacher told us to do this fun interactive assignment in which whenever she said left or right we had to give something to the person on either the left or right of ourselves. It was to test how much we pay attention. Then during the meeting I got to learn very beneficial information and we took a group picture. Then during my GEB class we picked out our groups for the project and the topic (immigration). Then on Thursday we hung out at the student life center to get to know each other better and discuss who is going to do what.

Week 2

My second week of the program was easy as well. The jumpstart meeting on Tuesday was in a different room. I am glad that I did not get confused about the rooms. After eating pizza, I went to my GEB class. The teacher announced a project that would be due around the end of the semester. When I got out of class I went to go explore the campus a little bit. I explored the book store and the student life center.

My first week

My first week at MDC went smoothly. I enjoyed driving to MDC by myself even though the traffic was a hassle. It made me feel independent. Going into my 8am SLS class was a bit nerve wrecking at first but when I saw a familiar face, I felt calmer. Then afterwards I met up with my friend, Maria, at the jumpstart meeting after minutes of being lost. Then came my 11:40am GEB class and the professor gave us a fun assignment to do. We’d have to introduce ourselves by writing fun facts about ourselves and passing the paper to other people. While doing this we found out what we had in common. Then Thursday went by pretty fast, the professor just went over information.

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